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Amanda + Elyse | Engagement

Amanda and Elyse found me at the bridal show last year. I actually remembered them because they approached me at the show and asked why all of our marketing material was written for a bride and a groom, not a same sex couple. We love same sex couples! We’ve shot a few same sex weddings, I even had friends that were gay. I looked at all the material we had and I couldn’t believe it…they were right! The contact information for the contest we were running had a space for bride and groom. The guest log we had had a space for the bride and groom. I apologized and continued to talk and hopefully win their trust. I did! We met at Starbucks and instantly hit it off. Then they asked if Elyse could include her kids from her previous marriage and I was thrilled! I love including other loved ones in engagement sessions. We drove up to Sedona and spent the day shooting and hiking and eating. There is NO better way to to get to know your couples than taking a road trip together. We had a blast and I just can’t wait for their wedding!!

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